Social Media for Equestrian Businesses

I specialise in providing social media for equestrian businesses, but I also offer a range of other marketing services, including SEO, websites and print design.

Isn’t it frustrating when marketing agencies don’t understand your business? Does a mainstream agency understand the specialist terminology? Does it really know your target market? Every business is unique, but equestrian businesses are a whole different board game in so many ways. This means that it may not be practical or value for money to use a mainstream marketing agency.

By working with me, you will get someone who is a social media marketing professional with experience of working with equestrian businesses, who has also been involved with horses for a number or years. I am a member of the Equine Business Association and I am listed in The Equestrian Index.

My Equestrian Background

I have been riding for around seven years, having first started lessons as a teenager. I have ridden, volunteered and worked at several riding schools and establishments. When I went to Brunel University, I joined the equestrian club straight away and went on to manage it in my second and final years. Now I’ve graduated, I have maintained my connection to the club by sponsoring them. I continue to ride at the same yard. 

Equestrian Social Media & Marketing Services

I always offer fully bespoke plans and packages so please contact me to discuss your requirements. I offer a range of services to equestrian businesses:

I pride myself on always aiming to really get to know the businesses I work with. I always talk to prospective clients over the phone before providing any proposals or quotes, and I treat each business as an individual. I believe in quality over quantity and never take a one-size-fits-all approach. It doesn’t work with horses and it won’t work with your business, either!

My Equine Marketing Clients

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