SEO for Equestrian Businesses

Already have a website for your equestrian business, but it’s not getting enough traffic? Search engine optimisation (SEO) is vital as it gets your website to show up in Google when someone searches for a phrase that is relevant to your business. With an experienced SEO specialist on my team, I am able to offer SEO for equestrian businesses.

Let’s say you run a riding school in Berkshire and you specialise in teaching children to ride – you will want your website to show up when someone Googles terms such as “riding schools near Reading”, “horse riding in Berkshire”, or “children’s riding lessons in Berkshire”. 

SEO is important for all equine businesses, but it is especially important for businesses in more competitive sectors (equine vets and tack shops / equestrian retailers, for example) as well as businesses offering something that’s a bit obscure – what do people actually type into Google when they are looking for your product or service, even if they aren’t quite sure what they need? This is applicable when you are introducing a brand new product or service to the market, or perhaps when you are looking to target new horse riders or owners.

A new rider, for example, may not know the specifics of half-chaps, breeches, gaiters, jodhpurs, riding tights, hat silks, etc. Instead of searching for a specific item, they may search more generically for “horse riding equipment” or “beginners horse riding equipment” – notice how no horsey jargon appeared in those phrases?

A good SEO manager will know what search terms your business needs to target, and how to get your website to rank highly for those search terms. 

Equine Business SEO Specialists

We offer our SEO clients the elusive but highly beneficial combination of an experienced SEO specialist and someone with an equestrian background. 

By having an experienced SEO specialist on our team, we can provide my clients with technical and on-page SEO that is tailored to the equestrian industry. Whilst Liam, an SEO manager for over five years, handles the more technical aspects, Rhiannon works to ensure that your website terminology is accurate and optimised for the right search terms, using the right horsey language.

How Can My Equine Business Benefit from SEO?

New Websites

Your brand new website is unlikely to be fully optimised. To get the most out of your website, it needs to be search engine optimised - a new website with no SEO is like a car with no petrol!

Older Websites

When was the last time your website was search engine optimised? For best results, SEO needs to be carried out on a regular basis. This is because your website, your business, Google's algorithm and people's search habits change over time.

Finding New Clients

People who don't know who you are won't be able to find your business on Google unless your website shows up in the search results. Your ideal clients / customers are out there looking for what you offer - be there when they search for your product or service!

Competitive Sectors

Some sectors in the equestrian industry, such as equine vets, physiotherapists, tack shops, equestrian retailers and large equestrian businesses have to compete harder for website traffic. Get ahead of the competition with our equine business SEO services.

International Equestrian Businesses

For international businesses aiming to break into the UK market, simply translating the website text into English is unlikely to deliver the results required. Our specialists can optimise your website for UK consumers.

Our SEO Services for Equestrian Businesses

Our monthly SEO service – we will research, plan and execute a bespoke SEO strategy for your business. Recommended for the best long-term results.

For those on smaller budgets, a one-off SEO service can give your website a boost.

We will work with your in-house marketing department to help them get the best results from SEO. Ideal for large or international equestrian companies.

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