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Case Study

All Seasons Racing Club

All Seasons Racing Club is a horse racing club based in Epsom, Surrey. I started working with All Seasons in June 2020 and since then have increased their social media following significantly, developed their brand image and helped them gain new enquiries and members.

Horse Racing
Ongoing account management for Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Facebook Ads. SEO. Video creation.
All Seasons Racing Club
Twitter Header I created for All Seasons Racing Club. It reflects the campaign I am currently running, which is designed to demonstrate the main benefit of joining a racing club at this time.

Like many businesses in the equestrian industry, All Seasons were impacted by Covid-19. The suspension of horse racing in March meant that sales and enquiries fell significantly. Once racing resumed “behind closed doors”, All Seasons needed to get the word out and attract new members in what was still a heavily restricted and uncertain environment.

After a phone call with racing manager John to find out more about the business, we initially agreed a short-term campaign to optimise the social media accounts, run a Facebook Ads campaign and create organic posts. All Seasons were very happy with my service and I am still working with them now!

I Had Two Main Objectives:

1. Make more of the right people aware of All Seasons Racing Club

2. Make already interested people aware that it is worth joining the club – perhaps because of the lockdown restrictions if not in spite of them – because it is the only way of getting to watch the races in person whilst restrictions are in place.

After optimising their social media accounts, I got started with planning and creating two Facebook Ads campaigns: one to drive traffic to their website and another to build brand awareness. This expanded All Seasons’ audience and meant that when I published their organic social media posts, more people saw them. 

Racing Club Marketing
This graphic was created for Instagram as part of the "You Won't Get Closer Than This" campaign.
All Seasons Racing Club
This Facebook graphic is part of an ongoing campaign to encourage people to buy All Seasons' memberships as Christmas gifts.

Since September, I have developed All Seasons’ organic and paid social marketing strategies. I am continuing to grow their Facebook audience (they now have over 1,000 Likes and counting!) and I am keeping that captive audience engaged using organic posts, which is fulfilling my first main objective. I have also been running a campaign themed “You Won’t Get Closer Than This”, which is fulfilling my second main objective.

This campaign has not been without its setbacks – on at least two occasions, pilot events that would have allowed more people into the racecourses were cancelled at short notice. However, I have enabled All Seasons to attract new members through paid Ads backed up by organic posts. Furthermore, I am now working towards the Christmas period by creating a campaign aimed at persuading people to purchase memberships as Christmas gifts.

But it Doesn’t Stop There!

In addition to social media marketing, All Seasons have made use of some of the other services I offer. For example, I created a video for them, which was then used for their paid and organic social media. This video drew people’s attention to the fact that the club’s annual membership fee worked out at just 65p per day – less than the price of a cup of coffee! This video was supplemented by graphics and an Instagram Story along the same theme. 

The club are also taking advantage of my SEO service, which will help their website to show up on Google when people search for relevant keywords. This means the club will have a really strong online presence ready in time for Christmas.

An All-Inclusive Service 

I always aim to give my clients an all-inclusive package as far as possible. All Seasons can email or call me anytime for marketing support and to discuss the campaigns. I have also paid a visit to their yard in Surrey where I got to know the business a bit better and met the people and horses behind it. I also took the opportunity to capture plenty of photos and video to use in their social media and on their website. All of this came at no extra cost. I really enjoy working with this business and have regular conversations with them so they are fully aware of how their marketing is going and I am kept up-to-date with any business developments. 

Client Testimonial

All Seasons Racing
"Rhiannon supports All Seasons Racing club social media accounts, and she is an absolute pleasure to work with. Since meeting Rhiannon she has spent a lot of time getting to know our business, and offers practical advice as well produces well thought out marketing promotions. She really feels like an extension of our team. I highly recommend her!"
Samantha Murphy & John Webb
All Seasons Racing Club

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