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A huge amount of business in the equestrian industry is done via referrals and recommendations, so print remains an essential part of your marketing strategy. Handing a business card over with all of your details printed clearly is so much easier and more professional than swapping phone numbers verbally!

I offer graphic design services to equine businesses looking to give their print marketing a more polished look.

The continued importance of print marketing should not be underestimated. Business cards are essential for networking and other business events, but are also really useful to carry with you ready for those chance meetings! 

I find that I tend to give out business cards when I least expect it – usually when I am just going about my daily business!

Why Your Equine Business Needs Professionally Designed Marketing Materials:
  1. They create a lasting impact because people can take the information away with them and even pass it onto their friends and family
  2. They look professional! Would you prefer a phone number scribbled down on a scrap of paper or a slick business card with all the details in one place?
  3. They are versatile. Business cards and leaflets can be taken to networking, shows, conferences and meetings
  4. They will strengthen your brand image with use of colours, fonts and your logo
  5. Vouchers and loyalty cards can generate and maintain customer loyalty and boost sales
  6. Physical cards are an affordable alternative to loyalty scheme apps and plugins
I offer a range of graphic design services to equine businesses:
  • Business cards
  • Leaflets / Flyers (A4 or smaller)
  • Loyalty cards
  • Vouchers
  • Booklets
  • Ads for printed directories (A4 or smaller)

Business cards and leaflets can be left in receptions areas or pinned to notice boards at your local riding school, vet surgery, competition venue or tack shop and can be used to promote your services or draw people’s attention to any special offers or events you are running. Literature is also a really good way of generating business as it is something physical that people can take away with them and refer back to. 

I offer graphic design services to equestrian businesses and professionals who are looking for an affordable but effective marketing solution. Please feel free to contact me to make an enquiry or book a free consultation so we can discuss your requirements.  Please note that my graphic design services are charged by the hour, with a printing deposit payable upfront. I am happy to arrange printing for you, which is done through my chosen supplier. Please note that I will always insist on making proofs for all print projects, payable by the client. Some projects will require more than one set of proofs. 

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