Equine Social Media Management

Why do you need equine social media management? Social media marketing is no longer an optional extra; it’s a key part of equine business marketing! How else can you reach new clients anytime, anywhere, when they’re not even looking for your business or don’t yet know that they need it?

Social media is such a central part of our lives – millions of people every day scroll, like, share and follow. Your potential customers are ready for your product or service to pop up on their screens!

Done properly, social media marketing is a powerful tool that will take your equine business to the next level. A combination of engaging organic posts and a well-managed paid social campaign will ensure you get the most out of social media.

Social Media For Equestrian Businesses
Facebook graphic created for All Seasons Racing Club

I encourage most of my equine social media management clients to use paid social advertising. Why? In short – you will get so much more out of my services! 

Algorithms decide which social media content is seen, when it is seen and who gets to see it. These algorithms tend to favour paid “Ads” over organic (free-to-post) content. Organic Facebook posts are seen by only a small number of page followers, so they are unlikely to reach many people outside of your existing audience. Paid-for Ads, on the other hand, can be seen by thousands of people, giving your business far more publicity. They don’t have to be expensive and can be targeted so they are shown to people who are most likely to be interested in your business. Done properly, paid social is highly effective when coupled with engaging organic posts.

Why use my paid social campaign management service:

Paid social is great, but your organic posts are also really important! You need to keep your audience engaged to grow and maintain customer loyalty. 

I create bespoke social media marketing plans for my clients, including animated and static graphics for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. These graphics can be used in conjunction with engaging text, photos, videos and links to create unique content for your audience. As part of my social media management service, I will also regularly optimise your accounts, keeping them fresh and fully updated so they evolve with your business.

Flexibility and Peace of Mind

My services are fully bespoke and are flexible enough to adapt to the changing needs of your business. I will usually encourage my clients to opt for paid social Ads, but it isn’t compulsory. Running Ads all the time is not the best approach for every business, so I am happy to only run them at certain times or as a one-off campaign. I am also happy to take on clients who do not wish to undertake paid social advertising and who only want me to manage their organic posts. Put simply, my services are tailored to your business.

During your free initial consultation, I will get to know and understand your business and discuss your goals and requirements. We will also use this time to band a few ideas about and discuss whether and how paid social could benefit your business. After the  consultation, I will send you an outline proposal and written quote. If you choose to go ahead, I will get started with your strategy and content planning. This will be a more detailed plan of what content will be posted, where and when and it helps me to deliver a tailored service to all of my clients. 

What’s included?

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