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Do you need help with social media for your equine business? 

With so many features being added and changed all the time, it can be very difficult to keep up. It is easy to let your social media accounts slip into disrepair, especially when you are so busy managing your business. I can audit and optimise your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts so that they are working at your best, saving you time and hassle!

I offer social media optimisation as a one-off standalone service, or as part of my ongoing social media management service. What’s even better is that your initial audit is free! Why not request your equestrian social media audit now? I will point out any issues with your social media accounts, give you an outline of the things I would do to optimise your social media accounts and a no-obligation quote for the work.


Facebook cover photo I designed for All Seasons Racing Club. A clear and effective cover image is an important part of social media optimisation.
Are your social media accounts working as hard as you do?

Your social media accounts need to be fully optimised for them to work effectively. An account that has a clear, relevant profile picture and cover photo, complete and accurate About Info and links to your website is more likely to attract new followers and generate business than one that has inaccurate or missing information and blurry or irrelevant cover or profile picture.

What’s Included? This depends on which platform(s) you want me to optimise for, as well as what things actually need optimising. As part of the social media account audit and optimisation, I will look at:

This service is included in my complete social media account management service as standard, so that you get the most out of your account management service in the long run. My ongoing social media management clients have their accounts optimised regularly as part of their monthly service. If you would like a one-off optimisation, please request your free audit using the button below.

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