The Importance of Print Advertising in the Equestrian Industry

Print is often regarded as an outdated form of advertising. However, in the equestrian industry, quality print marketing can be highly effective.

Equestrian print advertising is important for three main reasons:

  1. It reaches places and audiences digital is yet to break into
  2. It gets your business in front of your audience before they know that they need or want you
  3. Print does things that digital can’t!

Digital Won’t Reach Everyone in the Equestrian Industry

Whilst plenty of equestrian businesses have started to “go digital”, much of the industry still isn’t engaging online. This is likely to include equestrian business owners whose businesses predate the Internet or social media. Smaller facilities-based equestrian businesses are also less likely to have “gone digital”. 

Print advertising allows equestrian businesses to reach those consumers who aren’t online. By advertising in print directories, magazines, or other print publications, you are placing your business where your target audience is most likely to see you. Using leaflets and business cards instead of digital alternatives also helps.

Help People Find Your Equestrian Business Before They Start Looking

Print advertising has the benefit of putting your business in front of people before they’re even looking for you. When you advertise in magazines, put up posters or insert leaflets into event programmes, people will see your business regardless of whether they’re actually looking for your product or service. This sets them up to remember your business when they do need you. Furthermore, it also alerts people to a product or service they never knew they needed. This is particularly useful for businesses selling brand new products or services.

Tip: Think about how your product or service might be something that people don’t actively look for. Is it something completely new? Does it solve a problem that people may not know they have? If this is the case, print marketing could be beneficial to your equine business.

Print Vs. Digital

Digital marketing presents huge opportunities in terms of audience targeting. However, there are two main reasons why print marketing can give you the edge when it comes to equine business marketing.

The Equestrian Industry Niche

Firstly, equestrian businesses have very niche target markets. This makes it difficult to accurately target paid social media campaigns. Anything “equestrian” is likely to get bundled in with “animals” or “sports and leisure”. It’s even tougher if you’re looking to target other equine businesses because the pool is smaller still. 

Whilst re-targeting is a fantastic strategy, data protection regulations and technology are beginning to restrict what can be done. People are also getting more choice regarding how and when their data is used or tracked, meaning more of your audience is going to slip through the net. 

Enter the low-tech solution! Print marketing can work wonders for equestrian businesses, with plenty of niche print publications to choose from. Here, the targeting is effectively done for you, because readers choose what to read, thereby self-selecting themselves.

One great example of this is The Yard Supplement – a twice-yearly print directory aimed at facilities-based equestrian businesses. When I place an advert, I know exactly the types of people who will see it. People who aren’t remotely interested in equine business marketing won’t even receive a copy, so I’m not wasting money advertising to the wrong people.

Niche print marketing isn’t just limited to advertising in magazines and directories. It can also come in the form of having a leaflet inserted into an event programme or show guide at an equestrian competition, for example.

Make Your Equestrian Business Stick Around

Secondly, print marketing can help you create a lasting impression. Where digital marketing (especially social media) tends to give the audience an instant experience, print marketing can help your business stick around. 

When people receive a publication that they regularly purchase or subscribe to, their intention is to read and actually digest it, rather than aimlessly scroll through as they would with social media. Furthermore, regularly advertising in the same publication can help increase brand awareness as readers begin to associate your business with the publication and even come to expect to see your business featured. 

Have you ever been to a trade show or event and spoken to lots of different people? How easy was it to remember their names afterwards? When you meet potential clients at an event and you hand them a business card, they don’t need to remember your business name in order to find you again. Instead, they have all of your details to hand so they can head straight to your website. 

Print also adds another dimension to your equine business and marketing – this helps people to remember your business. If you give someone a business card, brochure or leaflet that they can actually hold and flick through, they are getting to actually feel your brand, instead of just seeing it in a sea of social media posts. 

Tip: It is well worth the additional time and money getting your print marketing materials professionally designed and printed! This will ensure you have a beautifully branded, co-ordinated and well-presented set of print marketing materials for your equestrian business.

Print Graphic Design for Equestrian Businesses

If you are running a print advert for your equestrian business or you need some new business cards or leaflets, contact me today to discuss my print graphic design service for equine businesses. I work with equestrian businesses across the UK that are looking for quality print advert designs. Contact me today to discuss your requirements. 

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