Using Digital Horse for Your Equestrian Business

Digital Horse is a relatively new social media platform, but as an equine social media marketer, I can already see how it can benefit equestrian businesses looking to grow on social media. This article outlines how Digital Horse could help your equestrian business.

Digital Horse is Free and Easy to Use

Just like most other social media platforms, Digital Horse is free to use. You can set up a personal profile, then attach your company page and you’re ready to go! Digital Horse is also much simpler to use than other platforms, so it’s accessible to all regardless of how tech-savvy you are. 

It’s easy to switch between your personal and business accounts, and you can easily add videos and photos to your posts. There isn’t an endless and constantly-changing list of options, which makes posting your content quick, simple and hassle-free. The platform is also available on mobile and desktop and is equally functional in both formats – great for people like myself who are constantly switching between the two! 

Your Equestrian Business Audience is Ready and Waiting

As the name implies, Digital Horse is a social media platform dedicated to the equestrian community. All the people you find on there will have some connection to horses, with many being horse owners themselves. There are riders from a range of disciplines and experience levels, so you can bank on finding your ideal clients there. There are also plenty of equine professionals and businesses looking to network, so even B2B (business – to -business) companies like mine can benefit from being on Digital Horse. 

No Ads or Stats

At the time of writing, there is no platform for running paid ads or viewing insights on Digital Horse. However, this helps keep the platform simple and accessible to businesses of all sizes, and the algorithm is much more sympathetic than those used by bigger platforms. Not having to fight the competition from paid ads also means your organic content is much more likely to be seen and attract engagement from other users. 

The absence of paid advertising also means your feed won’t get clogged up with stuff you’re not interested in. This is great for users for obvious reasons, but it’s also good for businesses using the platform because it reduces the competition and makes it easier to get noticed.

Start Using Digital Horse for Your Equestrian Business

Overall, Digital Horse is a great platform that I’m sure will only get better and help even more riders, horse owners and equestrian businesses connect. Whilst I’m sure the platform will continue to change and evolve, I highly recommend it to equestrian businesses looking to get a foothold and engage with their target market in a friendly, accessible environment. I already manage Digital Horse accounts for myself and my clients so if this is something you would like help with, please contact me and I’ll be happy to help. 

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