Instagram Checklist for Equestrian Businesses

Instagram For Equestrian Businesses

Instagram is an increasingly popular platform for equestrian businesses, influencers and consumers. It’s simple to set up an Instagram account for your equestrian business, and the platform can be used to connect with customers, run paid social campaigns and direct customers to your website or online shop. This blog article outlines a few things to remember when setting up an Instagram account for your equestrian business.

Switch to a Professional Account

This is essential if you are setting up an Instagram account for a business because having a professional account will give you access to features reserved for businesses, including analytics, paid promotions and Instagram Shopping. Switching to a Professional Account is easy: when you’re in the Instagram app (make sure you’re logged into the account you want to switch), go to the menu (on your phone this will be the three lines in the top-right. Then go to account > Switch to professional account. You will then be asked to select the type of professional account you want – this will most likely be a business account. You will be asked to select the type of business you have. The list is quite limited so you may find you need to use a rather general category – don’t worry, you can hide this from your profile if you wish.

Make Your Username Searchable

Your username appears in bold on your bio, underneath your profile picture. It should be something relevant, that describes what you are. It doesn’t necessarily need to be your business name, although this may be more appropriate in some circumstances (e.g. when your business name already makes it clear what you do). For example, my marketing company, RH Equine Promotions, uses the business name as its Instagram username. My online shop, Purple Horse Planners, uses the name “Planners for Equestrians” because this is more searchable and better explains what I do. Your username is searchable, meaning it’s how other Instagram users will find your business when they search for relevant terms in the search bar.

Include Your Website in Your Bio

When you edit your Instagram Bio, there is a field where you can insert your website URL. There are a few options here. You can A) just insert the URL for your website’s home page, B) change the URL every so often to send people to your latest products, new blog post, or other pages on your website or C) use a third-party app to generate a dynamic landing page that contains several links to your website. Examples of these are link tree (which allows you to create a list of links that users can choose from), or (which allows you to link your posts to website pages). Personally I use for my own businesses as well as all my clients because I feel that it offers more flexibility.

Use Your Logo and Branding

Aim to use your company logo as your profile picture. You may find that you need to adapt or resize your logo slightly to make it fit properly. I have a special version of my logo that is just for social media – it’s the same as my full logo, except without my business name in it because the writing is too small. If you don’t currently have a business logo, consider getting one professionally designed, or design one yourself. It’s fairly straightforward to design a simple logo using design apps such as Adobe Spark or Canva.

Consider your branding when creating your content. You don’t need every post to look like an advert, but it’s a good idea to produce a couple of templates and note down the HIX codes of your brand colours. Try to keep the font consistent, and think about what emojis you could use in your content – they should reflect your brand and you don’t need to use loads of them.

Post Regularly

When setting up your Instagram account for your equestrian business, it’s important to get content out there quickly. I advise my clients to aim to get 9 posts published as soon as possible, so you can make your Instagram look a bit more established and get some engagement to get the algorithm working for you.


Finally (and this one is easily forgotten), remember to engage with other Instagram users. Follow other accounts that are relevant to your business (e.g. influencers, your target clients, other equestrian businesses, suppliers, etc). Like and comment on their posts, and interact with their Instagram Stories. Tag them in posts (but only sparingly and where relevant – you don’t want to annoy people by tagging them in every single post!). You could do this if you attend an event and meet people, for example, or if you want to highlight the work you have done for a client.

Instagram Management for Equestrian Businesses

I offer Instagram management for equestrian businesses. Working with my clients, I develop engaging content tailored to the requirements of their equestrian businesses. My clients include racing clubs, saddlers and bit fitters, riding instructors and equine therapists. Book a free consultation with me today to discuss your requirements.

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