Facebook Checklist for Equine Businesses

Most equine businesses will opt to create a Facebook Page when they start out on social media, and it’s generally quite easy to set up and manage. However, there are a few basics that you need to get right for your Facebook Page to work for your equestrian business.

This article gives you a checklist of the things you need to include and consider setting up and managing your Facebook Page.

Don’t Just Use Your Personal Facebook Account

The first thing to remember is that Pages are for businesses and Accounts are for people. When you join Facebook, you are prompted to create an account – this is what you use to interact with friends and family, and it should not be used purely to advertise your business. For this, you need to create a Facebook Page. Creating a Page for your business means you will get access to all the brilliant business features, plus you won’t be breaking Facebook’s rules.

Use Your Logo as Your Page’s Profile Picture

Your Page’s Profile Picture is one of the first things you will need to choose. The best thing to do here is use a clear, up-to-date version of your company logo. Take the time to resize the logo so that it fits properly in the space provided. You may find that you need to adapt your logo slightly – for example, you might want to use a simplified version that doesn’t contain any text – so that it fits properly and clearly.

Use a Clear and Relevant Cover Photo(s)

Your cover photo is also important because it will help to grab people’s attention and give them an idea of what your business is about. To start with, you could use your company logo on a plain background, but it’s better to use a relevant photo instead if you have one. Your cover photo does not need to be designed especially (but it can be) – just make sure it fits in the space properly. Facebook does allow you to create a slideshow using multiple photos, or you can create a video. This can create a really good impression but it takes time to put together properly.

Complete Your About Info

Make sure you fill in your About Info properly. Put in as much detail as you can, and be sure to include all the key information about your business, including contact details and opening hours. Keeping this information up to date is really important because it will mean your customers can contact you easily and find out what they need to know about your business.

Use the Tabs

Facebook’s Tabs feature allows people to see more of your content and other details about your business. Examples of tabs are: Home, About, Photos, Services and Reviews (there are more). These tabs are important because they allow people to find out more about your business, but you need to think carefully about which ones to use and which order to place them in.

Set Up Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger can be a really useful tool for small equine businesses, but it can also be an annoyance if it’s not utilised properly. You can set Facebook Messenger up to give people answers to FAQ’s, or direct them towards your website. Using Facebook Messenger in this way can help to streamline your enquiry handling so that you don’t waste time answering the same questions over and over again. You can even set an Away message that shows up automatically when your business is closed.

Your First Post

Your first post doesn’t need to be anything spectacular – I think my first post was a picture of my logo with a simple caption that introduced my business. This is fine because it means that anyone who visits your page has something to read and they can see that you are active. What is more important is that you keep up with regular, quality content.

Pinned Posts

You can pin a post to the top of your Facebook Page. This means it will stick to the top of the Page, above all your other posts, so that visitors see that post first. This is a useful feature for when you want to put an important notice up, or major content such as a promotional video, client case study, new product alert or anything that you really want everyone to see, even a few days or weeks after the content was posted. Remember to keep your pinned post relevant, and change it every so often.

Get Positive Reviews

When people are looking at using your business for the first time, they will want to know whether they can trust you. By far the best way of getting new customers to trust you is to have reviews from other happy customers available for them to see. Facebook allows people to review your business, so encouraging your customers to leave a review will hopefully lead to lots of positive recommendations for your Facebook Page.

Link Facebook and Instagram

If you have an Instagram Business Account, you should link it to your Facebook Page. The main benefits of this are that it allows you to merge your paid advertising, inboxes and some other features together. This saves you from having to switch between Facebook and Instagram to answer all your messages, and it can also help you get more out of your paid social campaigns.

Facebook Management for Equine Businesses

Are you looking to save time and hassle? I can set up and manage your Facebook Business Page for your equestrian business. Book your free consultation today to discuss your equestrian marketing requirements.

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