LinkedIn for Equestrian Businesses

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform where you can connect with people across different industries. Whilst it’s commonly used in a number of different sectors, LinkedIn is less popular in the equestrian industry. However, there are ways in which LinkedIn can be used by professionals in the equestrian industry. This blog article highlights some of the ways you can use LinkedIn for equestrian businesses.

Connect with Clients

This mainly applies to Business-to-Business (B2B) businesses. LinkedIn can help you connect with other equestrian business owners who might benefit from your product or services. Managers in the bigger equestrian brands can be found on LinkedIn, and even if you aren’t looking to work with large companies just yet, it’s always good to make those connections early on.

Equestrian businesses that would benefit from this include those in marketing, HR, legal and other  related professions, as well as people looking to work with the racing industry and large events.

Connect with Suppliers and Contractors

You can also connect with people who may be able to help your business in other ways – marketing consultants, business coaches and manufacturers can all be found on LinkedIn. You may also be able to find sponsors for your event or competition via LinkedIn.

Build Trust in Your Equine Business

LinkedIn is very highly ranked by Google for SEO purposes, so when people search your name in Google, your LinkedIn page is likely to show up close to the top of the page. Having a LinkedIn profile that’s kept up-to-date, even if you don’t often use LinkedIn, will help people to find out more about you and it will send trust signals.

Should I Make a LinkedIn Business Page for my Equine Business?

This depends on how you intend to use it. For most equestrian businesses, I would recommend that they prioritise Facebook and Instagram because these platforms tend to be where you will find most of your customers. However, as I mentioned earlier, LinkedIn does have its uses so you may want to consider making a LinkedIn Page for your business for specific purposes.

A LinkedIn Business Page can help your equestrian business to:
  • Attract new clients (B2B)
  • Find sponsors for events or competitions
  • Build connections with larger equestrian companies

You will probably use your LinkedIn Business Page in a different way to how you use your Facebook Page or Instagram. Remember to create posts and manage your page to reflect this. For example, you are unlikely to be able to sell consumer products (e.g. tack or riding wear) via LinkedIn. However, you could use it to update business contacts and potential sponsors on your company news – e.g. events, new team members, qualifications or certifications and awards.

Your Personal LinkedIn Page Should Come First

Regardless of whether you choose to create a LinkedIn Business Page, you should focus primarily on curating and managing your personal LinkedIn Page. This is partly because you will need to make a personal account first before creating a Page (just like with Facebook). However, as I mentioned above, it’s also because building those professional connections will really help you in business.

At the very least, you’ll need to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date with basic information like your job title, details of what you do, any qualifications you have and a clear, recent headshot. Try to invite people to connect with you who you feel could benefit your business and who you think might be interested in you and what your business does. Finally, try to post to LinkedIn at least a couple of times a month and offer something valuable and insightful – try to offer content that actually helps others or tells them more about you, rather than simply selling your products or services.

A useful (and free!) tool you can use to monitor your LinkedIn activity is the LinkedIn Social Selling Index. This tells you how well you are using LinkedIn to connect with others and participate in the online community. Click here and login to your LinkedIn account to see yours.

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