Facebook for Equestrian Businesses

Facebook is one of the main social media platforms, and many equestrian businesses use it to advertise to new clients and share important information and updates with existing ones. However, many businesses don’t use Facebook to their full advantage. This blog outlines a few ways in which equestrian businesses can use Facebook to increase their revenue.

Make Sure Your Business Has a Facebook Page and That it is Up-to-Date

Firstly, your business needs to have a Facebook Page. Setting up a Facebook Page is easy and free – all you need is your own personal Facebook Profile! If you need instructions on setting up a Facebook Page, Facebook has a pretty useful guide here. Make sure you fill in as much information as possible so that people can recognise your business and get all the information they need to contact you or visit your website.

If you already have a Facebook Page, make sure it’s up-to-date. Contact information, opening hours and website links should all be correct and working. Your profile picture should be your logo – make sure it’s clear and not too small or chopped off at the edges. Your cover photo should also be clear and relevant. It’s fine to use a photo if you aren’t confident using Canva, but a branded graphic or even a video will usually create more impact.

Post Regularly

There is no single rule as to how often you should post to Facebook. It depends on your business, what you want to get out of Facebook and how Facebook fits into your broader marketing campaign. However, I aim to post to my own Facebook Page at least once a week.

The most important thing to remember is that you must not leave your Facebook Page for weeks at a time – don’t let your audience think that your business is inactive or that you are unenthusiastic. The more often you post, the more your potential customers will see of your business and the more likely they are to feel a connection with your business.

Running an equestrian business demands buckets of time and energy, so it’s very easy to forget to post to Facebook or neglect your Facebook Page. Try making a plan of what you want to post and when, and prepare your content in advance – I tend to plan all my posts at least a month in advance. Once you have your plan, you can then post additional content if you think of anything else along the way.

Vary Your Content

A Facebook Post can consist of just text – and sometimes this is perfectly fine for what you need the post to do. However, you should aim to use images and video where possible to make your posts more interesting. Remember that Facebook Posts containing videos and / or photos tend to get more engagement (likes, comments, shares, etc) and Facebook’s algorithms will tend to favour these types of post.

Another way to vary your Facebook Posts and generate engaging content for your page is to think of different categories of post that you can create. Some ideas you could try are:

  • Product and / or service spotlights – post a photo showing one of your products or services and give a description of it, along with the price (you may choose not to include the price if, for example, the price of a particular service is fully bespoke). Outline what the product / service is, who it’s suitable for and its availability (e.g. product sizes / colours or availability of services by date / time).
  • Meet the staff / horses – if your business is a riding school or livery yard, equine vet practice or other business where the staff members and / or horses are of particular interest to potential clients, it’s a good idea to introduce them. Obviously with people, make sure you get their permission before posting and understand that some members of staff may not be comfortable with being on your social media. The same goes for horses that aren’t owned by you. Include a photo (if you have permission), along with any qualifications (e.g. BHS stages) and other information that clients might wish to know (e.g. if a particular instructor specialises in dressage or teaching nervous riders or if a horse is used for certain types of client or lesson).
  • Useful tips and how-to videos – these are great for demonstrating your expertise and will help you build trust with your potential clients. These don’t have to be difficult – you can film something on an iPhone and upload it directly to Facebook if you aren’t that comfortable with editing videos. Just make sure that the video and sound is clear. Examples of how-to videos could be: hat or body protector fitting, stable management or riding skills or advice on how to find the right riding school, farrier or equine vet for you. Think about what is relevant to your business and what will help to build trust and interest.
Use Facebook Ads (Paid Advertising)

Many equestrian businesses are put off using Facebook Ads for a number of reasons. Some feel that it’s a waste of money, others don’t feel confident using them and many don’t realise how beneficial Facebook Ads can be to your business.

Facebook Ads adverts that you create and then pay Facebook to show to people on Facebook (and sometimes Instagram, depending on your settings). Facebook Ads can be used to get more page likes, drive people to your website, generate leads and get your business seen by a wider audience. Used properly, they can give your business a real boost. You can create Facebook Ads directly from your Facebook Page, but for a more sophisticated campaign you will need to use Ads Manager.

When creating your first Facebook Ad, think about what your business needs to get out of it – do you need to grow your audience or get more people onto your website? Make sure your choose a clear, relevant picture that fits properly into the space (I find that a square is usually best) and add some engaging text that explains clearly what your business is about and what you can do for your clients.

Consider Using an Equestrian Social Media Marketing Specialist

Managing your Facebook Page for your equine business can become time-consuming and perhaps also tedious and confusing. I specialise in social media marketing for equestrian businesses and I am ready to help your business grow using Facebook. I can manage all aspects of your Facebook Page, including planning and scheduling content, updating information and cover photos, creating graphics and videos and managing your Facebook Ads. All services are fully bespoke and adaptable to suit your requirements. To find out more about how I can help your business grow using Facebook, please book a free consultation.

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