Christmas Marketing for Equestrian Businesses

Christmas is a very busy time for marketers as businesses seek to make the most of the festive period. People usually purchase vast quantities of food and gifts and many will be looking for Christmassy events and activities in the run-up to the holidays.

Christmas presents a major opportunity for equestrian businesses. Aside from the obvious (e.g. retailers marketing their products as gifts), there are plenty of ways in which your equestrian business can capitalise on the festivities. However, things are set to be a little different this year due to the pandemic and we cannot be certain as to how consumer behaviour will be affected.

This article outlines a few tips and ideas to bear in mind as you look to take your equestrian business through the Christmas and New Year period. Read on for some Christmas marketing tips for equestrian businesses. 

Think Ahead

Be sure to plan your Christmas marketing campaign in advance. Take any photos you might want to use, and plan and schedule your social media posts – you can either schedule posts in Facebook and Tweetdeck (both free) or use a scheduling platform such as Later.

Think about what your campaign will focus on – perhaps your business is service-based (e.g. a riding school), in which case gift vouchers would be a good idea. If your business sells products, think about which ones would make good gifts and promote those.

Be Creative

Planning ahead also gives you the chance to be creative. Think about how you could make your products more appealing to Christmas shoppers. You could try offering to make up bespoke hampers that people can purchase online or over the phone, or by bundling products together to create ready-made gift hampers or bundles.

If your business is likely to have to close during a future lockdown – a riding school, instructor or competition venue, for example – you can use the Christmas period to protect your business against the consequences of closing.

Try promoting gift vouchers as Christmas gifts – people can buy them in advance for loved ones to use at a later date. Be generous with the expiration date to reassure people that they will have plenty of opportunity to redeem the voucher (especially given the current situation). Gift vouchers are also a good way of improving your cash flow because you will be taking payment in advance.

If you are on a budget you could try emailing gift vouchers out to people, but having them printed and packaged in a fancy envelope or small box tied up with ribbon will add an extra special touch.

Keep it Simple

You don’t have to go to town on your Christmas marketing. Definitely put up some social media posts promoting any Christmas offers, events, etc. that you are running and be sure to promote anything you are selling that someone might need for Christmas or want to purchase as a gift for someone else.

If you have a physical premises that customers are likely to visit or walk past, try creating a Christmas window display or outdoor display (e.g. decorate a Christmas tree and put up some lights). Be sure to take a photo and upload it to social media!

Don’t try to do too much and do stick to the things that are most likely to make a real difference to your business over the Christmas period. This is especially important at a time like this where the economy and people’s spending habits are unpredictable and likely to be down on last year. We also don’t yet know what restrictions will be in place over Christmas and the New Year.

Also, remember to make it as easy as possible for people to purchase from your business. Christmas is an incredibly competitive market and you will be competing not only with other equestrian businesses, but also with the likes of Amazon and the supermarkets with their online ordering and next day delivery! 

I Can Help You With Your Christmas Marketing

I am ready to help equestrian businesses with their Christmas marketing. I do offer short-term support with one-off campaigns, which is great if you just need some help over Christmas and / or New Year. Book a free consultation today to discuss your requirements.

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