How to Choose a Facebook Ads Objective

Facebook Ads are a great way of growing your social media audience, raising brand awareness and driving traffic to your website. When you begin creating your Ad or campaign, either on your Facebook page or in Ads Manager, you will be presented with a number of objectives. Facebook will guide and configure your Ad creation based on which objective you choose. So how do you choose an Ad or campaign objective? This article offers a few suggestions for what you should consider when choosing a Facebook Ads objective.

How many followers / page likes do you have?

If you have only just set up your Facebook page or do not have many followers, it is a good idea to start by using Facebook Ads to increase your page likes. Increasing your page likes will mean you have a bigger audience for your organic posts.

You can create a Facebook Ads campaign to increase your Facebook page likes. Simply choose the “Promote My Page” option. If you are using Ads Manager, click the “Engagement” objective, followed by “page likes”. This objective allows you to create Ads that feature a “like page” button, so people can like your page directly from the Ad. To ensure your Ad is effective, be sure to include a clear, relevant image as well as a couple of sentences that tell people what your page is about. As with all Ads, you do not want the text to be too long – one or two short sentences are best!

The Role of Your Website

Your business will most likely have a website (and if it doesn’t, it’s a good idea to get one. Visit my Digital Marketing page to find out more about my website design service). Depending on what your business does and how it is structured, your website will have a number of functions: to provide information, to provide a point of contact (e.g. via a contact form), to sell products and to allow people to book services. Think about which of these functions are most important to your business at this particular time. Do you want people to get more information? Do you want people to book a consultation? Do you want people to get straight to buying your product or service? You need to send people to the relevant page on your website, so think about what you want your Ad to achieve.

Do you want people to visit your business premises?

If you have a physical premises, such as a shop, cafe or restaurant, you are likely to want people to come and visit your business. To encourage people to visit your business premises, try promoting your business to people within a certain geographical area. Use the “promote your business locally” objective in Facebook, or the “store traffic” objective in Ads Manager.

Finally, remember that some Ad objectives can be more expensive than others – lead generation Ads are usually more expensive per result than page like Ads. When choosing which Facebook Ad objective is right for your business, you should consider what your business needs, how it works and how much you are willing to spend.

I offer Facebook Ad campaign creation and management to small businesses, and I specialise in equestrian businesses. If your business is looking for a professional to manage its Facebook Ads campaigns, book a free consultation with me today.

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