Getting Started with Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is Facebook’s paid advertising service. It allows you to boost posts and create adverts that can send people to your page or website, encourage them to send your page a message or encourage them to like your page. Read my five top tips for getting started with Facebook Ads.

Create Ads via Your Page

You can create ads directly via your Facebook Page. This is a quicker and more straightforward process than using Ads Manager, although you will have fewer options. Creating ads directly via your Page is a better option if you are just starting out with Facebook Ads and are managing them yourself.

To create an ad, go to your Facebook Page and click the blue “Promote Page” button.

Have a Clear Objective

Facebook allows you to choose from a number of business objectives, including (but not limited to) increasing page likes, generating leads and increasing website traffic. It helps to sit down and think carefully about what your business could really benefit from before creating your ad.

Depending on which objective you choose, your ad will take a slightly different format and you will have different options.

Use a Clear Photo & Not Too Much Text

You can create a range of different types of ad with photos and videos. However, it is probably easiest to start by using a single photo. Use one that is clear, good-quality and relevant to your ad. It’s usually ok to add your logo and some branding to the photo, but avoid adding too much text to the photo. Your ad is likely to be shown to fewer people if there is too much text in the photo, although there are some exceptions to this rule (e.g. a photograph of a book is likely to have a lot of text by its very nature).

You can use a stock photo (you can purchase them or there are some available for free) or take your own. This is relatively simple as long as you’ve got plenty of natural light and a good camera (a decent phone camera is fine!).

Ads that contain less text in the ad copy also tend to perform better. Keep your text to one or two lines and get straight to the point. Don’t worry about putting your company name or contact info in the ad copy, because the company name will be shown by default and contact info isn’t necessary for most ads, as it will be included by default in some form based on which ad objective you have chosen.

Consider Your Audience

You can target your Facebook ad so that it is shown to the people who you want to target. This can be done by location, gender, interests, age, demographics and life events. Aim to make your audience defined, but not too defined, so that your ad reaches a good number of people who are likely to engage. The audience meter shows you how well-targeted your ad is – try to keep it in the green zone.

You can create and save audiences to use for future ads. Try creating a general audience that targets a fairly broad group to begin with.


Don’t be afraid to create and run a few different ads with different audiences or different ad text or visuals. This will help you to work out what works and what doesn’t, and you can then adapt your Facebook Ads as you learn.

Begin by running a short campaign – a week or two weeks long – with a spending limit of somewhere around £50. You won’t see mega results at this stage but it will give you an idea of how well your ad might work if you were to scale it up. Don’t worry about getting everything perfect the first time around. Just take some time to try different things and gradually work up to creating longer campaigns with higher spends. Remember, you can pause and end Facebook ads at any time, so if something really isn’t working you can just stop the ad and it won’t spend any more budget.

I Can Help You With Facebook Ads

I provide a complete social media management service, which can include Facebook Ads campaign setup and management. I will create and manage your campaign using Facebook Ads Manager, so you will benefit from the full set of campaign design, management and monitoring features. With Facebook Ads Manager, you can maintain control of your budget and spending, whilst I manage the campaign for you. I also provide monthly reports for my social media management clients as standard, so you will be kept up-to-date with campaign developments.

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